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Journée Nouvelle Orléans

Published: August 25, 2017

Salut! (Hi!)

Friday was the last full day at Lac du Bois for the session and for summer 2017! The thème de la journée (theme of the day) was La Nouvelle Orléans (New Orleans)! Villagers learned about the history and culture of New Orleans throughout the day through short skits before meals and a pamphlet with small facts. 

Today was the last day as well for the explos, stages, and passe-temps. Villagers enjoyed making food, arts and crafts projects, playing sports, and more, despite the cooler weather. 

As per tradition, the last segment of our daily soap opera, Plaisirs d’Amour, was held at la plage (the beach) after a period of chansons (songs). This week’s show was based around the film Inside Out. Almost all the actors ended the performance with a jump in the lake! 

The night’s activity was a banquet and a dance! After getting dressed and finishing packing, villagers arrived at our main building, Paris, for one last night at Lac du Bois. We ate dinner in pavillons or cabin groups. Dinner was extravagant: cheesy artichoke dip, chicken filets, vegetables, mashed potatoes, salad, baguettes, and cinnamon rolls for dessert!

When dinner was finished, everyone headed outside of Paris for the dance. Some of Lac du Bois’ favorite songs were played and everyone danced along all night. For the last time we sang our goodnight song and headed back to the cabins for bed after a final day at the French Language Village.

A l’année prochaine! (See you next year!)


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