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Journée Monarchie

Published: June 16, 2017

Bonjour ! (Hello!)

This morning during breakfast we met two reines (queens) who introduced the theme of the day: Monarchy. We learned that Marie Antoinette never actually said, "Let them eat cake," and that the Palace of Versailles would cost $50,000,000,000 today! 

More photos

This afternoon we enjoyed the beautiful weather: the plage (beach) was open for swimming, several lively games of soccer were played, and some villageois went canoeing in the lake.  We also had a spectacle de talent (talent show), featuring villagers who had quite the diversity of skills (a video and separate blog post will be coming soon!).

This evening a few rainclouds arrived, but we still had a great time at our royalty-themed banquet; villageois got all dressed up and the monos (counselors) were their servers. There seemed to be a consensus that dessert was the best part: a parfait with strawberries and creme! 

With full stomachs and smiles,