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Journée Marché

Published: August 24, 2017

Today, the villagers had the opportunity to learn about French and African markets and even experience walking around through the markets during the veillée (evening activity).

Throughout the day, the villagers got a little taste as to what an actual market in Africa is like. During the presentations for every meal, the counselors put on a skit to show how one would bargain and sell at a market.

When the veillée started, every villager was ready to explore and bargain their way through the markets. There were a total of six different markets, but first, the villagers had to go to la banque (the bank) to receive some tickets to actually buy the goods and services offered. One station offered a taste test of different spices that would be found in an African market. Another station offered Bissap, which is a traditional Senegalese drink. Near the fountain were two markets selling traditional African clothing and artifacts. The last station consisted of French books one could find on the streets in Paris, and with some tickets, the villagers could watch a reenactment from the book.

After spending some time wandering through the markets, it was time to head to the camp fire. And after a long day, it was time to say bonne nuit (goodnight).

À bientôt (See you soon),


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