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Journée L'Union Africaine

Published: August 15, 2019

Alloco at dinner

Bonjour ! Hello! Today we learned about L’Union Africaine (The African Union) and continued our explorations, stages, and passe-temps. In order to get food at mealtimes, villagers had to answer questions about L’Union Africaine and notable figures in the Pan-Africanism movement. The activities and insights shared by our counselors from Francophone West Africa helped us to identify many of the misconceptions we shared about the continent’s size and vibrant communities. We also enjoyed a taste of West Africa with dishes such as alloco (fried plantains) and theiboudienne (rice and fish; the national dish of Senegal) at dinner!

A credit villager showing where alloco comes from

The credit villagers also took their final exams and had their last day of stage crédit, their project-based credit class. Click here  and here to see what stage cuisinstigram has been up to! It’s hard to believe we’re going to be saying goodbye so soon, but we’re very proud of what our credits have accomplished over the last four weeks.  

Our last campfire of the session

For our veillée (evening program), we worked together to write poems that reflected the values of our familles (dinner “family” groups) and presented them to the village. Afterwards, we debriefed about the challenges and takeaways from the activity, then enjoyed songs together around the campfire before heading to cabin counsel and bed. We’re looking forward to a great last full day of the session tomorrow!


                                                                                Click here for more photos from today