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Journée Harry Potter

Published: August 22, 2017

The first day of this week long adventure was a great success with the help from today’s theme Harry Potter!

Both the villagers and the families were divided into passetemps (activities) based on their interests. Some examples are la mode (fashion), les sports divers (different sports), or les arts divers (different forms of art).

Afterwards, both the villagers and families alike were placed into explorations which is a learning group based on their level of French or cours (class) for the parents.  

After a delicious lunch and some time to rest, it was time for the most popular time of the day, temps libre (free time) where your villagers could buy candy, swim at the beach, and many other fun activities.

When temps libre came to an end, the villagers were split into their learning group for some more fun and enriching activities.

Before eating dinner, everyone gathered at the amphithéâtre to sing some traditional or some Lac du Boisiene French songs. After we finished singing, it was time for Plaisirs d’Amour which is when the monos (counselors) put on a little improvisational soap opera.

For the véillée (evening activity), everyone came together to explore some of Harry Potter’s favorite activities like making Butterbeer and playing Quidditch.

The fun and exciting day ended with everyone sitting around the campfire singing our favorite goodnight song, Bonsoir les loups (Goodnight wolves). 

À demain! (Until tomorrow!)


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