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Journée fête des Lumières 

Published: August 14, 2019

A photo from stage "cuisinstagram"

Bonjour!  Hello! Today we celebrated La  fête  des Lumières  de Lyon,  a festival of lights that takes place each winter in the city of Lyon, France. The festival dates to the year 1852, when Lyon was to inaugurate a statue of the Virgin Mary. Although the event was cancelled due to severe storms, each family lit a candle in their window as a sign of solidarity. Today, the city marks the event with artistic installations of lights all over landmarks and public spaces, drawing almost two million tourists each year. 

The cabin of Vannes presenting their spectacle

Our credit villagers finished up their last day of classes as one and two-week villagers continued their explorations and stages  (language learning groups).  Each exploration investigates a place or theme of the Francophone world, such as Dakar, L'Occitanie, or Marseille, and stages  revolve around a project such as creating a new language or science experiments. In addition to the language learning groups, villagers also continued their passe-temps;  activities such as paddle boarding, making friendship bracelts, or memes about Lac du Bois culture! We're excited to continue trying new things and having fun in our activities.

One of our credit classes

Tonight's veilée (evening program) gave us a taste of the magic of the festival. Each cabin worked as a group to prepare a short display with flashlights, fairy lights, and colorful crepe paper. After performing our spectacles (presentations) for the whole camp, we went to  one of our main buildings, Rennes, to find that it had been converted into our very own immersive  light show experience! We enjoyed music, dance, and the beautiful lights together before singing Bonsoir les loups (Goodnight wolves) and heading off to bed. 


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