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Journée Espionnage

Published: June 14, 2017

*Cue Mission Impossible theme*

Today's theme was espionnage , the French word for spying.  We were visited by well-meaning spies this morning during petit déjeuner (breakfast); during lunch, however, our camp superhero Super Français was stolen! Super Français visits Lac du Bois every morning to encourage villagers to speak French for the entire day and is beloved by villageois  (villagers) and counselors alike. 

For our evening veillée (program), villagers worked in teams to find Super Français.  They played relay games, assembled puzzles containing a secret message, and made their way through a lazer maze before racing to the beach, where they found our camp superhero.  We ended the day by singing around the campfire, which overlooks the lake-- a scene which truly demonstrates the beauty of our site. 

To teamwork and treasure,


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