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Journée Écologie (Journée Crédit)

Published: August 8, 2019

The meal skit at breakfast

Bonjour !  Hello! Today's theme was écologie, where we focused on environmentalism, but it was also journée crédit! This meant that our credit villagers helped to run Lac du Bois for the day: helping with meal skits, organizing activities, and with planning the veillée (evening program). The crédits' meal skits were tied to deforestation, the food chain, and the effect that litter has on the environment. These skits helped to generate lots of discussion at meal times!

Playing a trash sorting game

For our veillée, villagers rotated through four stations, which each highlighted an aspect of saving the planet— recycling, saving the oceans, minimal waste, and another about preserving water. Activities included making art from previously thrown-away items and having a competition to sort trash between 'recycling,' 'trash,' and 'compost.' Together, we talked about ways that each of us can make a difference, whether choosing reusable bags while shopping, or writing letters to your representatives to make your voice heard.

To our wonderful world and working together,


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