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Journée d'Ouverture

Published: July 8, 2019

The sack races were lots of fun!

Today we said bonjour (hello) and bienvenue  (welcome) to new one- and two-week villagers! Lac du Bois gained about 75 new villagers, in addition to our 31 credit villagers, which means that there's a lot of enthusiasm, amitié (friendship) and French to go around! This afternoon villagers chose their new French names and passed through customs (villagers give up books in English and cellphones are so they can immerse themselves more fully in the Lac du Bois experience). For our veillée (program) this evening, we played some large-group games, including capturer le drapeau (capture the flag)! 

Équipe verte (green team)'s compost announcements

For dinner, our cuisiniers (chefs and kitchen staff) prepared a delicious meal of bœuf bourgignon, green beans, salad, baguette, and cake. We ended the day by singing some of our favorite songs around the campfire before saying bonsoir (good night) to prepare for a busy day tomorrow. Click here to see a meal skit, prepared by our credit villagers!

We’re excited for a week filled with friendship, French immersion, and lots of fun! We’ll share more pictures and stories from Lac du Bois  in the coming days.

To learning and laughing, 


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