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Journée d'Ouverture

Published: August 20, 2018

Today was our last Opening Day of Summer 2018! We welcomed nine families and twenty-two one-week villagers to our site. New villagers circulated through all the stations, such as the bank, pass-temps (activities), and Club Med (the health center) before moving into their cabins. Before dinner, the cabins played games to get to know each other. Everyone then came to Paris, the central building, to dance! For dinner, we had coq au vin, which was delicious!

Our evening activity was an orientation to Lac du Bois. Our adult villagers learned about the site and the schedule with our dean, Chantal, while the children took a tour of the site, learning about nettoyage (cleaning), setting the tables, and activities at the plage (beach). Each group also had a discussion about peace and respect with Chantal. After a camp fire, we turned the lights out on a wonderful first day of the session!