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Journée d'Ouverture

Published: August 7, 2017

Bienvenue au Lac du Bois! (Welcome to Lac du Bois!)

Today was an exciting day at Lac du Bois because we welcomed new two-week and one-week villagers to our French Language Village! Our four-week credit and non-credit villagers spent the afternoon and evening in the town center of Bemidji.

The morning started off as usual, with courses for the credits and activities for the non-credits. Most of the staff spent the first hours of the day preparing for the new villagers to arrive! At around noon, four-week villagers packed lunches and hopped on the bus to Bemidji! They did their laundry, got ice cream, visited the park in town, went to Target, and went bowling to finish off the day!

Soon after the four-weekers left for Bemidji, our new two- and one-week villagers began to arrive at our beautiful site surrounded by nature. Three of our counselors were there to greet them and help them get immersed in the francophone environment of our French Language Village. They chose a French name and received a passport at our very own Border Control before moving on to different stations: checking in at the health center, choosing passe-temps (activities), stopping by the agence de voyage (travel agency), painting their étiquette (name-tag), depositing money at the bank, and learning about the LOTTO or BINGO!

Once the new villagers finished with all these stations, they could move in to their new homes for the next one or two weeks: the pavilons (cabins)! Counselors were in each cabin to greet them and collect contraband, such as electronics, food, or books in English!

If the villagers completed the stations and were moved in, there were activities available all around the site. They could play the djembes, make friendship bracelets, dance, complete puzzles, play games, and more! The entire new community gathered in the late afternoon to play a game as a group before time spent in each cabin to get to know each other.

After dinner, the new campers were led on a tour of Lac du Bois so that they could know the ins and outs of the camp. After the evening activity was done and the four-week villagers back from town, the French Language Village went to bed for a much-needed rest.

A tout à l’heure ! (See you in a bit!)


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