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Journée de Fermeture

Published: August 5, 2017


This morning, we said au revoir to an amazing group of two-week villagers. Some of our villagers left early in the morning on the bus. For those who remained, their family and friends came to join us for our closing ceremony. Our villagers presented what they had discovered in their language learning groups and passe-temps and took us through a normal day at Lac du Bois.

It was difficult to say au revoir to such a fun group of people, but we had deux semaines inoubiables (two unforgettable weeks) together full of laughter and learning. We're looking forward to welcoming everyone back next summer!

After the ceremony, our four-week villagers returned to La vie lac du boisienne (Lac du Bois life). Les crédits (our credit villagers) had revision time followed by their mid-term exams in the afternoon. Also, les navigateurs (our middle school enrichment program) took time to get to know one another better and to start a service project for Lac du Bois.

In the evening, all of our four-week villagers traveled to Lago del Bosque - Bemidji (the Spanish Language Village) to participate in a dance and exchange! After a fun night, they're looking forward to sleeping tomorrow! On Monday, our four-week villagers will have the opportunity to travel into town, to do laundry, and to contact their friends and family.

With au revoir and amusement,


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