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Journée de Fermeture

Published: July 6, 2019

Stage en Jeux Politiques (political games)

Bonjour !  Hello! Today we said au revoir and à bientôt  (goodbye and see you soon) to our two-week villagers. This morning we had a cérémonie de fermeture (closing ceremony) where villagers presented what they had learned throughout the session to friends and family. Some groups performed short skits, such as how to present the weather in French to how to order in a café. We also recognized villagers for how many years they had been coming to Lac du Bois, whether it was their first time or their seventh year. Common refrains included "it's like my second home!" and "I love the friends I made and the monos (counselors) are the best!" We hope to see everyone again next year!

Celebrating our seven-year villagers!

Our four-week credit villagers left for a special weekend en ville (in town), where they went to the Paul Bunyan mall, did laundry, and got their phones back for the day as a way to recharge at the halfway point of the session. Soon, they'll be leaving for la belle étoile, which is an evening of camping in a nearby park. It's always good to spend time in nature, and la belle étoile is a time for reflection, studying, and stargazing. There will be more detailed post about the belle étoile  soon, so stay tuned!

To fond memories and funny stories,


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