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Journée Cinéma

Published: August 22, 2018

Bonjour ! Today was a big day for our new villagers—not only was it our first full day together, but it was full of games, songs, activities, and meals. We also got to experience our first thème de la journée (theme of the day)—cinema! We have a tradition at Lac du Bois where we explore a theme every day in our daily mealtime skits, decorations in the dining hall, and evening activity. With this cinematic theme, we got to see monos (counselors) perform skits based on famous francophone movies. The villagers got to make their own movie-based skits during the evening program. You can watch the result in the video below.

After the evening program, we all went down to the beach and sang songs around the campfire. Songs are an important part of Lac du Bois and of how we learn French here. Our beautiful natural setting is another important part of our community and our life here, and our villagers were treated to views like this one and others you will find in the photos below.

Enjoy the photos and video! To see the full gallery, click on the photo below!

- Guillaume

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