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16 août 2019 — Journée bac

Published: August 16, 2019

Plaisir d'amour characters about to get dunked!

Bonjour ! Hello! Today was our last full day at Lac du Bois! We changed the schedule a little to better celebrate our villagers' time here. For instance,  we held our daily improvised soap opera, entitled Plaisirs d'amour, at the beach after naptime instead of after dinner at our usual location in front of Paris. Why the beach? Well, you can use your imagination, or you can follow this link to watch the week's story in its entirety.

Memes, memes, memes!

But we also did many of the same old activities for a last time. To the right, you can see some of the memes one passe-temps (pastime activity) group made. If you're friends or family with a villager, I encourage you to ask them about their passe-temps!

We capped off the day with a banquet and a dance! You can see photos of those and of the whole day here. You can also listen to Sébastien's selection of music here and here. Enjoy!

- Guillaume