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Journée Abidjan

Published: August 22, 2019

The cabin of Aix en Provence

Bonjour!  Hello! Today we learned about Abidjan, the economic capital of  Le Côte d'Ivoire  (the Ivory Coast). Did you know that Abidjan  is the third most populous francophone city in the world? Here at Lac du Bois, we're lucky to be able to learn about traditions and cultures from all over La Francophonie, not just France.

Live music by our villagers during dinner!

Although we enjoyed our passe-temps, explorations, stages, and cours d'adulte  like normal, the real pièce de résistance of the day was our dinner and veilée (evening activity). In lieu of a traditional dinner at Lac du Bois, we simulated a maquis: a uniquely Ivorian kind of open-air restaurant full of music, dance, food, and drink. Each table "paid" for our dishes with CFA francs, but this money wasn't quite enough—we also had to sing éloges (praises) to certain counselors to earn more money, in the tradition of the West African griots. This extra money helped us buy bissap, a juice from hibiscus flowers, and grotto, a special kind of yogurt. We also enjoyed live music performed by our talented villagers and counselors!

Buying  yaourt grotto with CFA

We finished the night with a discussion of the characteristics Lac du Bois and a maquis share. We all noted how a strong sense of community makes both environments thrive, along with the liveliness of music and camaraderie of shared meals. Then, we headed to the beach to share songs around the campfire before saying goodnight. It was a great day at Lac du Bois, and we're excited for our last full day together tomorrow!


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