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Le 6 à 9 juillet au Lac du Bois, continued

Published: July 11, 2009

After wiping the tables and applying Germ-X to their hands, the mono Adrien (left) and the villager Marcel (right) compete in a game of bras de fer (arm wrestling). There's a saying among the boys in the pavillon of Aix-en-Provence: "Fort comme Adrien !" It means, "Strong like Adrien!" But it was Marcel who prevailed in the end and can now stake his claim as the strongest man at Lac du Bois. After each dinner, a few mysterious monos try to hide from the...

Le 6 à 9 juillet au Lac du Bois

Published: July 9, 2009

 During the veillée (evening) on Monday the villagers divided themselves into their pavillons (cabins) to participate in our version of Jeux de la Francophonie, a grand festival and competition that occurs every four years. Like the Olympic games, the participants of the Jeux (games) each represent their country in various sportive and artistic events. One such artistic event is painting, which we simulated by having the members of...

07/05/09:  Spectacle de Talent!!

Published: July 9, 2009

Encore d’images diverses de Lac du Bois !

Published: July 8, 2009


Images diverses de Lac du Bois 2009

Published: July 7, 2009

Plusieurs images de la session FB32 et FB34.

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