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Meet the Monos! (Counselors)

Published: August 20, 2017

With our summer underway, the Lac du Bois Bemidji monos are ready to have fun speaking lots and lots of French!

Journée de Fermeture

Published: August 19, 2017

This morning, we said au revoir to an amazing group of one-week, two-week and four-week villagers.

Journée Déjà Vu

Published: August 18, 2017

There was a sense of familiarity in the air at Lac du Bois today, as the theme was Déjà Vu (already seen).

Journée Mai 1968

Published: August 17, 2017

The French Language Village recognized the political importance of the May 1968 protests through a stimulating evening program.

Journée Maghreb

Published: August 16, 2017

​Lac du Bois hosted Al-Waha, the Arabic language village for an afternoon of language and cultural exchanges!

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