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24 août 2019 — au revoir — fin de l’été 2019 !

Published: August 24, 2019

Henri during the closing ceremony 

Today was the day we all, sadly, had to say au revoir to each other and to Lac du Bois. Some villagers left early on buses; most were able to stay for our closing ceremony, where we talked about what we did this week and our language groups presented what they discovered and learned. You can look at photos here!

Of course, neither photos nor a quick ceremony can show off everything we do at Lac du Bois. If you're a villager, you might find that it's hard to put the experience into English words! But I have some photos, videos, and links to help you out. For instance, on the way back home, did you find yourself spontaneously bursting out into Lac du Bois chansons (songs)? I do, and I always like having the words on hand so I don't get stuck! Here is a document with lyrics to the songs we sang this week. If you're hungry for more, I have a more extensive document here (including chords!) with many of the songs we've sung in other weeks or other summers and are part of the Lac du Bois tradition. If you play guitar (or another musical instrument), you could practice these songs during the school year and join me on-stage for some musical accompaniment! I've also made a version of the document with chords that are easier to play on the guitar (avoiding barre chords whenever possible and sticking to the major and minor chords you are likeliest to know).

Speaking of music, would you like to keep dancing to our Lac du Bois dance music, or make a playlist of French hits to keep the sounds of the language in your ears? Sébastien, one of our monos (counselors), has created Spotify playlists here and here including most of what we listen to at our famous dance parties. 

I mentioned in the last blog post that we concluded our daily soap opera, but I'll repeat here that you can watch the antics all over again by clicking here or watching the video below:

Finally, I wrote a couple questions that curious friends and family can ask villagers to learn more about their time here, on your trip back home or upon your arrival. I know parents especially are deeply interested in what happens here, so hopefully these questions can inspire some fun discussions about Lac du Bois!

- What passe-temps activities did you do? Gentillesse? Football? Art?
- Did you have a favorite song at chansons? How does it go?
- I saw your photo on the blog! What were you doing when it was taken?
- Can you name some of the monos (counselors) in your cabin? In your family? 
- Do you have a favorite moment from your explo or your stage?
- What kinds of things did you do at the plage (beach)? In the bois (woods)?
- Did you try any new food? (The answer is yes, by the way!) What was your favorite dish?
- Tell me about a fun thing your pavillon group did together!

This concludes our last blog post of the summer, so it's my turn to say au revoir. But au revoir doesn't just mean "goodbye"—it means "till we see each other again". We'll be taking a break for the year, but please keep speaking French—we'll see each other again next year!

- Guillaume