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17 août 2019 — au revoir !

Published: August 17, 2019

Singing some chansons for the families!

Today we said au revoir to our Lac du Bois friends. Some said au revoir in the wee hours because they rode an early bus home; some said au revoir later, after a presentation for friends and family who came to pick them up (pictured on the left; see more photos of the ceremony here). Whatever the case, today was bittersweet—we felt bad to see our friends leave, but we celebrated and reflected on a session at Lac du Bois and the new friends we can keep in touch with during the year.

In the spirit of celebrating Lac du Bois, I have some photos, videos, and links for you to look at! Do you still spontaneously burst out singing Lac du Bois chansons (songs), even once you're home? I do too. If you forgot the words to some of the songs, though, click here to refresh your memory. You will find lyrics to most of the songs we sang in the past four weeks as well as many we learned in previous summers. I have also provided chords for you. If you play guitar (or another musical instrument), you could practice these songs during the school year and join me on-stage for some musical accompaniment! I've also made a version of the document with chords that are easier to play on the guitar (avoiding barre chords whenever possible and sticking to the major and minor chords you are likeliest to know).

You might also be interested in the music we dance to at Lac du Bois. Sébastien, one of our monos (counselors), has created Spotify playlists here and here including most of what we listen to at our famous boums (parties). Speaking of dances, last weekend, the villagers got together in their cabin groups to choreograph a dance together. Some of their moves were super cool! You can watch those whole spectacle below:

Next, for the theater fans, I present to you Lac du Bois's nightly live soap opera, acted out by the counselors: Plaisirs d'amour  (named after a late 18th century song)! The plots change week by week; last week's Plaisirs d'amour was about a motley group of characters hitchhiking to Los Angeles to achieve their dreams. Will they succeed? Do they even all fit in the car? Find out by watching below:

Finally, I wrote a couple questions that curious friends and family can ask villagers to learn more about their time here, now that they've been back home from Lac du Bois for a few days. Maybe these questions can help jog memories or find the words for villagers to explain just what we do at this strange and wondrous place!

- What passe-temps activities did you do? Memes? Sports?
- Did you have a favorite song at chansons? How does it go?
- I saw your photo on the blog! What were you doing when it was taken?
- Can you name some of the monos (counselors) in your cabin?
- Do you have a favorite moment from your explo, your stage, or your cours?
- What kinds of things did you do at the plage (beach)? In the bois (woods)?
- Did you try any new food? (The answer is yes, by the way!) What was your favorite dish?
- Tell me about a fun thing your pavillon group did together!
- What was your favorite dance? If you were a two- or four-week villager, what did your cabin choreograph?

I had a wonderful time at Lac du Bois and I already miss all the kind and talented villagers and staff. I hope you have a good rest of your summer and that the memories continue to bring you joy!

- Guillaume