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Journée Tour de France

Published: July 22, 2016

Wednesday was Journée Tour de France (Tour de France Day) at Lac du Bois. Villagers learned more about the famous bicycle race (including this year’s llama infestation on one of the routes!) and also had the chance to participate in a Tour de France tag game of their own on our soccer field.

Journée Architecture 

Published: July 20, 2016

Yesterday was Journée Architecture (Architecture Day) at Lac du Bois. Throughout the day, villagers learned about French and Francophone architects, including Gustav Eiffel, designer of the Eiffel Tower. After dinner, villagers recreated famous monuments using materials like cardboard and feathers.

Journée Voyageur

Published: July 19, 2016

Yesterday was Journée Voyageur (Voyageur Day) at Lac du Bois. It was also Journée Credit (Credit Day), meaning that our four-week villagers, now experienced members of our community, planned and executed the theme of the day.

Journée Cirque 

Published: July 18, 2016

Yesterday was Journée Cirque (Circus Day) at Lac du Bois!

Journée Astérix 

Published: July 18, 2016

Saturday was Journée Astérix at Lac du Bois, and villagers enjoyed a more relaxed weekend schedule alongside characters from the beloved French comic book.

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