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Journée Nouvelle Orléans

Published: August 25, 2017

Friday was the last full day at Lac du Bois for the session and for summer 2017! The thème de la journée (theme of the day) was La Nouvelle Orléans (New Orleans). The day culminated in a large banquet with a dance that followed!

Journée Marché

Published: August 24, 2017

Today, the villagers had the opportunity to learn about French and African markets and even experience walking around through the markets during the veillée (evening activity).

Journée Révolution Française

Published: August 23, 2017

Today’s theme at Lac du Bois was the French Revolution! Lac du Bois was invited by Robespierre to fight the injustice of the absolute monarchy and to start a Revolution!

Journée Harry Potter

Published: August 22, 2017

The first day of this week long adventure was a great success with the help from today’s theme Harry Potter!

Journée d'Ouverture

Published: August 21, 2017

Today, Lac du Bois welcomed five families and around two dozen one-week villagers to our French Language Village in the early afternoon.

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