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21-27 septembre 2014 — la semaine des adultes (adult week)

Published: October 20, 2014

On the week of the 21st through the 27th of September, we enjoyed a program full of music, food, lessons, and games from France and French-speaking parts of the world! In this blog post I hope to show you a little of what a Lac du Bois program is like and to record some of the experiences we made together.

The participants began to arrive Sunday afternoon. Most of the early afternoon was spent getting set up in cabins, choosing a new French name, and relaxing with new and old friends in the program. Once evening started to roll in, we all migrated to the veranda and got to know each other more... well, "officially," maybe, though still informally. In the below photos, you can see everybody carrying sheets of paper. They ask questions such as, "Avez-vous jamais vu un spectacle francophone ?" (Have you ever seen a French-language show?) or "Avez-vous jamais habité en France ?" (Have you ever lived in France?) Some of the questions were difficult and asked about advanced vocabulary; others were simple, to help beginning French speakers start. By asking each other these questions, we got to know each other better. In the meanwhile, we were served delicious amuse-bouches (appetizers). As you will soon see, Francophone food plays a big role in our program!

I'm happy to show you in the photos below some of the delicious dishes we ate throughout the week. France, of course, is known for its culinary tradition, but the ambition of our cuisiniers (cooks) is to bring our taste buds on a journey around the whole French-speaking world. Some meals were inspired by such European cuisines as French and Swiss; others brought us to Africa, in such countries as Morocco and Cameroon; and some brought us right next door, to our French-speaking neighbors in Canada. The photos below are just a sample of the varieties of food we ate this week.

The photo sets below walk us through some of the days' activities. Estée from France led a popular class on pronunciation several days of the week. We also participated in a treasure hunt that culminated in a presentation that you can see below on the fourth day's photos.

Friday was truly a special day because it was our occasion to celebrate the leader of Concordia Language Village's French year-round programs, François, and the 25 years he has dedicated to language learning. François's celebration was to our benefit too, as all sorts of staff from the villages came to eat at a delicious banquet-style dinner.

I will shortly post descriptions in greater depth as well as some videos from the week. Enjoy!