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What’s Your Story?

Published: July 19, 2017

Every summer, each of the Concordia Language Villages join together in a giant celebration known as International Day. During our trip to the event site in Bemidji, a 3 hour drive from Concordia, we incorporated a stop at Itasca State Park to visit the headwaters of the mighty Mississippi River. After dipping our hands in the cool, trickling water, we jumped back into the vans and finished the final leg of our journey.

We arrived at Waldsee, the German language village, just in time to participate in a “song exchange”, where our group and several other villages came together to share some of their catchiest tunes. We then dashed off to the soccer fields to compete in the World Cup tournament! After several heated matches, we explored all of the various activities and food booths set up throughout the village. After trying some delicious treats, our own cooking skills were put to the test through the Iron Chef competition, which required us to craft a delicious meal from limited mystery ingredients.

Before long, it was time to gather again with all of the other villages for the closing ceremony, where one of our brave villagers stood up in front of all 2,000 attendees to share the significance of the music we selected for our final dance presentation. When our time came to perform, our group collectively rocked the stage. Perhaps the most amazing part of the day, however, was the opportunity to speak with other language learners and share our international stories with the CLV community.

While this whirlwind of events led to a sleepy car ride home, it was an experience to remember and a memory that will live on.

Crossing the Mississippi

Made it to the next Round!

Movin' and Groovin' at International Day