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Published: July 17, 2014

​We had a wet and wonderful day in the sun today!

Nursing home

Published: July 9, 2014

Today the Culture Class went out to a local nursing home to play bingo with some of the elderly. Not everyone had played Bingo before, but it was well recieved. There was even a group that celebrated a 95th birthday with a resident named Dorothy!

Habitat for Humanity and Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Published: July 8, 2014

​Have you heard of Habitat for Humanity? Have you eaten a chocolate chip cookie? That’s what we did today at Collegetown!

Dorthy Day House

Published: July 7, 2014

Have you volunteered in your community at all this year? Today we went to the local Dorthy Day House and learned a little about what they do and how we can help!


Published: July 4, 2014

Great excitement abounded on the excursion to International Day. We all knew the dance and were ready to talk to tons of new people.

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