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Hasta Luego! See you next summer!

Published: August 27, 2016

Today, in a cloudy morning, we said "Hasta Luego" (see you later) to the one-week family program, whom we hope to see again next year!  Yesterday we enjoyed the end of our "telenovela", the final chapter which the villagers had been eagerly awaiting.  Hoy fue un excelente día, todas nuestras actividades fueron un éxito, los pequeños hicieron unas presentaciones divinas, el banquete fue delicioso y el baile de...

Visitando Lac Du Bois!

Published: August 25, 2016

  A different day at El Lago del Bosque, we spent part of the day with our friends from Lac Du Bois. We enjoyed their "telenovela", and share dinner with them. In the evening program we learned about " el chocolate" around the world, through simulation activities, tasting and history.

Noche de Arte con Milo Lockett!

Published: August 24, 2016

Today was a very exciting  “miércoles¨ after we had a great day of "charlas" and "actividades", we enjoyed the "playa" and canoeing in family. In our special art evening program, we watched a video of Milo Lockett. An important Argentinean artist, who paints and works to help children and people in his state.  Then, with his permission we did 10 replicas of his pictures, we worked by “familia” and learnt a lot about his...

Un hermoso día de actividades y mucho Español!

Published: August 23, 2016

El primer día de actividades comenzó muy temprano con nuestra ¨telenovela Flores Amarillas¨, luego siguieron las ¨charlas, actividades, el kinder y clases para padres¨. Durante ¨el tiempo libre¨, la ¨dulcería¨, el ¨banco¨ y la ¨sala de arte ¨ estuvieron... ABIERTAS! y todos disfrutaron de su snack o merienda. Luego de una cena chilena, presentada por nuestros pequeños aldeanos, tuvimos la visita de...

Nuevas Familias nos visitan esta semana!

Published: August 22, 2016

We had a very exciting day today. It was a fun opening day for the family program "de 1 semana en El Lago del Bosque!" After going through different stations picking "nombres, actividades y más", they had dinner from "Cuba", and our counselors played with kids, learned new dances and  "la canción de la comida". Then we enjoyed delicious smores in the "fogata" , where we learn new songs! 

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