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SB02 Estrellas del Bosque

Published: August 23, 2019

Everyday at El Lago del Bosque we award our aldeanos with Estrellas del Bosque.

When canto is about to finish, either El Zorro or La Pachamama go to the anfiteatro to look for consejeros misteriosos who would later give the estrellas del bosque to the aldeanos. El Zorro or La Pachamama ask the aldeanos for help to find our who the consejeros misteriosos are, so, the aldeanos start asking questions about the misterious counselor until they find out who that consejero is.

Sonia recibió una estrella del bosque

Then, the consejero gives the estrella del bosque to an aldeano who speaks a lot of español and understands what living in comunidad means.

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