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SB02 El Agua

Published: August 23, 2019

Our latest evening program was about water. This evening program was meant for aldeanos to be aware of how different countries from the spanish-speaking world deal with issues related to water.

They got together with their familias and went to el campo deportivo. Each familia was assigned a country and each country had a water supply; they could either get more water if they were in need or go to the market to buy electricity, food, housing, health care or education for their countries.

If they wanted to get more water they had to do some tasks the counselors asked, like singing a chant, do burpees or dance.There were also some setbacks when their water got polluted and they had to go to the purifying plant to have their water cleaned.

All of the familias worked as a team so as to provide their countries with supplies. This evening program lead to a defrief in which the aldeanos expressed how they felt about this topic and different ways in which we as a community can contribute to solve problems related to water waste.

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