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SB02 Bailando por un Sueño

Published: August 20, 2019

Last domingo, our evening program was Bailando por un sueño!

In this program, the aldeanos have to create a coreography and perform for the rest of the aldea. They have the opportunity to express themselves through dance and pour all of their creativity on the dancefloor.

Each casa got to choose the song they could perform and get ready to prepare for Bailando por un Sueño. 

One of the most positive aspects about this programa de noche was the fact that they worked together as a team and shared ideas and were enthusiastic about the performance because their creations made them proud.

There was a jury who gave them marks and the casa with the highest mark won. This time, it was Casa Barcelona and their dance "Calma" who got the highest mark and, consequently, the Bailando por un Sueño cup!

The most important thing about the Bailando por un Sueño is that you could see all of the aldeanos smiling and having fun while dancing!