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International Day, a celebration of cultures

Published: February 18, 2017

International Day (I-Day to make it shorter) it's one of the highlights of Concordia Language Villages. It's a festival that beautifully combines música, food, arts, dances, sports and actividades from all the different cultures represented, by making it a piece of "small world" in northern Minnesota. It takes every village out of their own comunidades and puts them in a global context, opening the minds and senses of every villager to new cultures, experiences and creating a fantastic live social network where interaction  happens in many different languages in just one day.
El Lago del Bosque's community gets always very excited about this grand event and it's always wonderful to see villagers inspired by this celebration, taking stands, being proud and joyful about representing Hispanic cultures and talking in español.
Here is the big final dance that El Lago del Bosque prepared last summer to reflect on the importance of putting in each other's shoes and remembering that we all live under the same sun.