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El mercado hispano

Published: December 6, 2018

¡El Lago del Bosque se transformó en un gran "Mercado Mundial" !

The villagers participated in a grand simulation about the global market. Everyone was divided into regions and hispanic countries and given dinero and capability to produce different resources like tecnología, medicina, comida, educación, seguridad and more. The simulation consisted on them negotiating with other countries in order to sell resources and buy the ones they wanted for their countries. It was a great exercise in making deals en español and also in comparing what would make a perfect society: the one that had more education, more health, a little bit of everything or no resources but a lot of money.

Reflecting about the world and the current global situation is one of our favorite things at El Lago del Bosque. Promoting critical thinking and showing new global perspectives while practicing the Spanish language it's one of the things we do to encourage courageous global citizens!