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Published: August 24, 2017

The familias joined together to participate in a brand new programa de noche! In order to receive clues revealing the identity of a consejero, they had to complete various challenges. Some of these retos included trivia about Spanish speaking countries, el reactor nuclear (using a rubber band and string to carry a ball into a pitcher), and que no se caiga (a minute of keeping a ball in the air).

Once they completed the challenge, they earned their consejero misterioso's answer to various questions. These questions included: what colors are on your country's flag; what is your favorite hobby; who do you admire; and what is your favorite thing about El Lago del Bosque. At the end, all of the familias came together to discuss the pistas that they had earned and to guess the identity of their counselor. The surprise twist ending was that the consejero misterioso of each familia actually came from that same family! It was a great way to learn more information about the consejeros that the aldeanos had been working with for the past two weeks!

SB02 Retos y Búsqueda de Consejeros

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