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¡Español en el programa de 4 Semanas!

Published: July 11, 2017

Aldeanos de crédito attend classes taught by consejeros to receive high school credit for their time here. Each day, aldeanos attend two clases de estructura that focus on grammar, one class of materias elegidas, and one of estudio dirigido. 

For their materias elegidas, villagers select a specific topic that they find interesting. Consejeros teach classes in which they have personal experience and specific interest. Some classes include Ecocolombia, which focuses on sustainable tourism in Colombia, Cultura pop de Argentina, and Investigando España. 

During estudio dirigida, villagers work on their proyectos individuales. Aldeanos choose their topic and a form in which to present it.

Projects include cuentos de hadas, panfletos de turismo e informes about a specific topic. Each villager has selected a consejero to be their mentor and provide advice throughout the process of preparation. 

Through our credit program, aldeanos  receive one-on-one mentoring, personalized classes, and learn from the experiences of our many consejeros! 

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