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¡Celebramos las culturas del mundo!

Published: November 16, 2018

International Day is a day for multi-cultural activities, delicious comida, música and dances from all around the world. El Lago del Bosque's villagers participated adding some Hispanic flavor to the day: dancing to Sevillanas from Spain, singing music from famous Argentine singer Diego Torres, playing fútbol with a Mexican twist in the World Cup Soccer championship, participating in the UN Model representing a Latin American country, telling amazing and courageous personal stories in Storytelling time, biking, swimming and running in the Triathlon, playing musical instrumentos and creating Hispanic and recicled art crafts!

The most special thing about this day though is the interactions and connections that the villagers make with other Language Villages, learning about their culturas and languages. What you can definitely call a fun trip around the world in a day!

I-Day is celebrated two times every summer. July 5 and August 9th are the dates for 2019. If you want your villager to experience this day, make sure to enroll him/her on sessions SB24- SB42,  SB64- SB82.

Watch the video and learn more about International Day!