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¡A Cantar!

Published: August 24, 2017

In El Lago del Bosque, every activity and event that we do helps the aldeanos develop their Spanish skills in some way. Sometimes, they are directly taught vocabulary about a specific topic, such as in one of their sports activities. However, some activities are more indirect, and many times the aldeanos aren't even aware of the learning that is taking place! Canto is one of these activities: we get to relax in the anfiteatro, sing some classic El Lago del Bosque songs, and learn some dance moves to go along with them. The aldeanos get the chance to listen to full and complex Spanish sentences, understand what they all mean through gestures and repitition, and then produce it themselves. Some of the most requested songs are "Tren del cielo" by Soledad, "Bandera de libertad" by K'naan with David Bisbal, and "Con quien se queda el perro" by Jesse & Joy. It's a great way to transfer Spanish knowledge to the villagers, and it's one of our favorite parts of the day!