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SB02 Metro Latinoamericano

Published: August 21, 2019

On Monday night the program de noche transported the aldeanos to a Latin American city. We made a simulation of a metro system with stops at lots of different places in a town in Latin America. They had to make it through the daily life of someone in one of these cities. This involved making their way on the metro to different stations that involved what they need would need to do in daily life.

Aldeanos on the metro

Some of these stations were the hospital where the aldeanos could get healed if they got infected by something along the way. They also had a banco where they could get money to pay for things like travel costs, food, and fees to get legal working papers. We also had the police walking around, taxis, and even beggars. The aldeanos had to work to get money and make sure they stay in line with the law. This was only a snapshot of what life is like for the people who live in these cities. We know the aldeanos had a blast and reflected during this programa de noche.

casa about to board a taxi

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