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SB01/02 Estrellas del Bosque

Published: August 19, 2019

Even though we know that all of our aldeanos here at El Lago del Bosque are absolutely amazing, there are some that stand out. We award these aldeanos with Estrellas del bosque. We also award the aldeanos in front of the whole aldea so that they can be recognized for their work.

This three one-week villagers got awarded with the Estrellas del Bosque

To be qualified to receive an Estrella del Bosque there are a few things the aldeanos have to do. Firstly they have to speak or try to speak lots Español, now this doesn’t have to mean that they know a lot of Español. They just have to try and have a clear desire to try and learn more. 

These Estrellas del Bosque are presented by some Hispanic characters. The characters are named El Zorro and La Pachamama and they show up after Canto every day.

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