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10 Year Villagers en El Lago del Bosque!

Published: April 18, 2017

Summer is coming! We are closer to meeting excited new faces for this verano 2017. We are also very happy to see returning faces, aldeanos y aldeanas that have spend one or more summers at the village.

But today we want to celebrate those very special ones, those villagers that 10 years ago made an important decision... To start living the Spanish language at El Lago del Bosque! For 10 years, Katia, Adriana, Eliana y Miranda dedicated their summers and shared laughs, conversations, joy with la aldea.  Since they were young they have shown great interest in the Hispanic cultures and gave their all to learn español. Chicas  you are great examples of buena gente . So now, we want to celebrate that , because we are very proud of what you have became, ciudadanas responsables del mundo, and we have no doubt on the positive influence you have and will have in those around you.

¡Thank you very much familias por confiar en CLV! Y muchisimas gracias chicas for caring, learning, laughing and becoming at El Lago del Bosque.

¡Ustedes definitivamente ya han dejado una hermosa huella en nuestra aldea, felicidades!  

Eliana, Adriana y Miranda were recognized for their 10 years!
¡Katia cumplió 10 años en El Lago del Bosque!

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