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Published: October 15, 2014

Let’s learn about inmigración!

¡A cantar!

Published: October 1, 2014

Espacio Sideral it's one of the classic songs of El Lago del Bosque. It's a song from Jesse & Joy wich is a Mexican pop duo formed in 2005 by brother and sister of the same nombres. Here we have the conselours making their rendition of this love song that talks about being taken to outter space!

El Lago del Bosque según Noelia

Published: September 16, 2014

​Video made by Noelia, a credit villager from first half about El Lago del Bosque!

​Así celebramos el 1er Día Internacional

Published: September 7, 2014

​Celebramos el International Day de la primera mitad.

Nos vemos en el 2015

Published: August 27, 2014

We have had an incredible summer con mucho español, ganas de aprender, ethnic foods, cultural dances, deportes, tertulias, clases de estructura, games, canto, evening programs, Gracias por el Pan, music, amigos, naturaleza, activities, lake, sol y mucha diversión. Thanks for being a part of it! We hope to see everyone again next summer, and please keep checking the blog and our facebook page:
https://www.facebook.com/ElLagoDelBosqueBemidjiSummer for more videos, information and photos of the summer.

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