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¡Desfile de Moda!

Published: June 26, 2017

Villagers designed outfits from recicled materials to represent their familia.

Noche de Estudio Dirigido con Nuestros Aldeanos de Credito

Published: June 26, 2017

Our aldeanos de credito had estudio dirigido. An evening program in which they are able to study with their friends and profesores de estructura.

Bienvenidos al restaurante libanés

Published: June 25, 2017

Welcome to our lebanese restaurant!

Las casas de SB22

Published: June 24, 2017

Barcelona, San Juan, Pamplona, Sevilla, San Miguel y Santo Domingo are the 2 week cabins for this session.

Reflexión sobre la importancia del agua

Published: June 24, 2017

Great evening program with the 4 week villagers about water access and availability.

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