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Shop The World

Published: December 18, 2014

Shop the World!

Last weekend we held our annual Shop The World event in the Skogfjorden Gymnasium.  We were open Thursday through Sunday and had everything available for sale from Russian tea cakes to little Norwegian statues for sale.  We even had a few $5 tables with t-shirts and all sorts of fun stuff.

Shop the World is one of the few times per year we invite the general public to visit campus for a specific event.  The two international days are the other events we invited the public to visit.  Both events highlight something we do very well at the Villages and that is food.  Why not get your holiday treats from and only bakery in town that knows how to bake international treats and do it well. 

This annual tradition requires four bakers every day Monday-Saturday to bake everything that gets sold during the four day sale.   This year our menu included four types of cookies: Swedish Dream, Russian Tea cakes, Sweet Pumpkin and Korova.  And three types of bread: Lingonbery, Wild Rice and Four-Seed Buttermilk. 

In order to make all these products we ordered a lot of stuff.  Here is a short list:
Butter: 108 lbs.
AP Flour: 400 lbs.
Bread Flour: 350 lbs
Lingonberries: 66 lbs.
Sugar: 100 lbs
Eggs: 540

Our bakery coordinator Adam, also our Korean Head Cook, worked with our retail director Jake to determine how many of each item to bake and on which day to bake them to ensure the freshest product possible.    For six days we worked hard in the bakery forming loaves of bread and scooping cookies.  We baked 406 dozen cookies this year.  No, that’s not a typo, 406 dozen.  That’s 4,872 cookies.  We don’t have a special machine to portion out cookies or anything.  We grab an ice cream scoop and make them all one by one.  Every loaf of bread is formed by hand as well.  We dump the 20 gallon bowl, about 100 pounds of dough onto the counter, grab a scale and weigh individual loaves one by one.  And with one person portioning dough and three people forming those portions into loaves, the task goes from tedious and annoying to fun and exciting.  Okay, maybe not exciting, but it certainly is not longer annoying.

After everything is baked and cooled, we wrap up it with a sticker and a bow and put it out for you to use for your Holiday celebrations.   This year with our new online store we were able to take pre-orders online in addition to over the phone.  You can purchase all sorts of items from our online store here:

Shop the world relies on our return customers.  Without the locals that continue to visit and buy from us year-to-year, we would surely fail in our retail efforts.   Many of our most beloved customers arrive first thing when we open on Thursday to get their bag of bread and cookies for the holidays. 

Some of the most popular items we have sold over the last few years are the multi-designed Swedish Dish Cloths. .

“Kendama” was also very popular this year.  It is a traditional Japanese juggling technique. .  Here is a video: