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Indus School ProStart Visits CLV

Published: November 25, 2014

General Tso's Chx

Lois Lewis is the Family and Consumer Sciences teacher at Indus School in Birchdale, MN.  She and four students from ProStart II class stopped by for an afternoon lesson about Chinese food from  Ray Mockridge, our Chinese Head Cook. Ray walked the students through a short lesson on the original General Tso’s chicken.  After giving  a general history of the dish he presented them with two recipes: General Tso’s Chicken and a side of sweet and pungent...

ProStart Student Starts Career Immersed in Spanish Language, Culture, and Cuisine

Published: November 11, 2014

Latisha is going to be a senior in high school.  She wants to be a Pastry Chef, travel and experience the world.  She started that journey this summer in Bemidji, Minnesota where she spent the last eight weeks cooking Spanish cuisine at El Lago del Bosque, the Spanish Village at Concordia Language Villages.   The following is an interview with Latisha about her experience:   Q: What are your plans after graduation? A: I want to attend Indiana University of...


Published: August 7, 2014

The main dish at El Lago del Bosque-Wilder on Wednesday night was Milanesa. Like ñoqui, Milanesa is an Italian dish introducted to Argentina by Italian immigrants in the late 1800's. Today you can find Milanesa in the traditional form we served it, or as a sandwich at food trucks and street vendors. The following webpage has good information on Milanesa and a couple recipes near the bottom. We served Milanesa a la Napolitana, which means we topped it with ham, tomato, and white...

Baking at El Lago del Bosque Bemidji

Published: August 1, 2014

Here is an album from the kitchen of El Lago del Bosque Bemidji.  A teaser for an upcoming post on a day in the life of a baker at El Lago del Bosque.

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Published: July 28, 2014

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