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world religions day!

Published: July 31, 2018

Marhaban, and welcome back to Al-Wāḥa!

We started off with breakfast, of course, but let’s fast forward to a more happening moment!

In today’s istikshaf or exploration period, one class was outside measuring the width of trees and learning other vocabulary related to protecting the environment.

a middle-sized tree...










Another group was learning a song about the four seasons of khareef (fall), shita (winter), rabee’ (spring), and saif (summer).

singing on the steps outside Al-Qahira!










Yet another group was building and testing dams by the well.

these guys succeeded!













these ladies didn't! jk, jk, love you Beit Amman!










Meanwhile, the day campers were doing some song and dance at the Seven Sisters’ Garden.

group photo!










A while later, we headed to the arts and sports period, where one group went through an acting workshop. In one game that they played, there was an officer, and all other group members were assigned a role such as singer, dancer, explorer, etc... The idea for the game came from the movie Night at the Museum. In the next half of the period, the villagers acted out "Cinderella".

I spot a singer and an explorer!










a dancer!










Cinderella and her prince reunite!










Meanwhile, in the nadi (gym), there was a group playing basketball.

waiting for the ball to drop...










posing during a break...










Another group was baking cookies.

a tablespoon or two?










eating the cookies!













And another group was learning an Aisha/Kahlete Laâyoune medley (by Cheb Khaled and Babylone respectively).

the sound of music filling Al-Qahira!










During free time, there were a variety of different activities happening, including playing cards, sitting on the dock, more basketball, and making friendship bracelets.

cards and tea!










at the dock...










friendship bracelets!










In our mughamarat today, we focused on clothes and other wearable things (including contact lenses!).

some vocabulary practice!










a wall that is conveniently colorful!










searching for clothes on a clothing treasure hunt!










Another group was planning the dinner skit, which was a play on “Little Red Riding Hood”.

a terrifying crocodile...










and everyone else...










And in our musalsal today, the tooth fairy is totally transformed! She drinks coffee instead of milk and goes out late at night. Her aunt tries to get her to be reasonable, but the tooth fairy just doesn’t listen. She ends up wandering over to the cave where the three witches reside and trades her heart for super strength, against her aunt’s advice. When she gets out of the cave, she runs into Robin Hood, and, being evil, wants to steal his teeth. She and Robin Hood begin to sword fight, when all of a sudden, a soccer ball crashes onto the scene, interrupting the fight. Mohamed Salah runs in and apologizes. He notices that they are fighting and asks what is going on. By then, the tooth fairy has noticed that Mohamed Salah has excellent teeth and attacks! What happens next? Stay tuned!

more and more evil by the day!










At dinner, we had a delicious meat dish called ‘igga, and carrots!

meat and runny eggs: a surprisingly delicious combination!










Then, we had an evening program on the three Abrahamic religions: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, found in the Middle East.

In the station on Judaism, we talked about Hannukah and Rosh Hashannah, made dreidels, and dipped apples in honey to symbolize the sweet year we hope God will grant us.

a dreidl and two pals...










apples and honey: another great combination!










In the station on Christianity, we talked about Christmas and Easter, sang Fayrouz’s Arabic version of Silent Night, and dyed eggs.

a beautiful egg...










funny with music...










Finally, in the station on Islam, we wrote letters to family and friends and ate cookies to celebrate Eid Al-Fitr, and simulated the division of sheep into thirds to give to family, neighbors, and those in need for Eid Al-Adha.

contemplating what to write...










there's that Arab hospitality again!










the sheep were a little too cute...










And that’s it! Thanks for stopping by!

one of the best parts of being at the village...


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