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Wedding Simulation!

Published: July 26, 2019

Marhaban bikum ila Al-Wāḥa! Welcome back! Today started off shiny and splendid as ever. After breakfast, villagers headed to their writing workshops and mughamarat. For the two-week mughamarat, the question of the day was "What are you doing now?," so the focus of our language learning was on telling time and talking about our daily activities.

One mughamara played a game to practice learning the numbers 1-10, while another mughamara learned the words for daily activities like taking a shower and brushing one's teeth.

practicing pronouncing the letter "qaf"










Sharing findings from their interviews:


Learning how to say left/right/in front/behind with a game:


Some of our one-week villagers were also departing this week, so we took a break to commemorate our time together with some group pictures!

a two-week mughamara on the giant paper clip!










a second group at the art room balcony!










a third group in the gym!










the credit group with a focus on music...













the credit group focused on food...










and our final credit group!










In the musalsal for today, Fathia has trouble thinking of what to ask for from the genie and ends up wasting her first and second wishes on an apple and a pair of sunglasses. She decides to leave Rabab's ship and take some time to think. Unfortunately, after arriving at the shore of Agrabah, she falls asleep and the magic lamp is stolen by Aladdin, who admires Fathia for her beauty but is so poor and downtrodden that he decides he simply needs the lamp more.

Aladdin and his pet wolf approach Fathia!










During song and dance time, villagers practiced the song "Zina" by Babylone.


Before dinner, the girls did some henna!

henna! woohoo!










Then we had the zaffa (wedding procession) to bring the bride from her house to Al-Quds, our dining hall.


Celebrating the bride's arrival at the dining hall:


Lastly, we took pictures with the bride and groom, held a dance, and said goodbye to our one-week villagers!

congratulations to the bride and groom!










Thank you for dropping in! We'll catch you tomorrow!

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