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we celebrate Eid Al-Adha!

Published: August 12, 2019

Marhaban! Welcome back to our blog!

Today was especially exciting as it was Eid Al-Adha, an Islamic holiday which translates to the "celebration of sacrifice," which refers to when the prophet Ibrahim was asked by Allah (God) to sacrifice one of his sons. As he is about to sacrifice his son, Allah stops him and sends down a sheep to be sacrificed instead. In this holiday, Muslims often dress up in nice clothes, pray the Eid prayers, hand out money and toys to children, eat lots of sweets, and may sacrifice a sheep and distribute a third to the poor, a third to friends, and  keep a third for the family.

Here at Al-Wāḥa, we started off the holiday with the Eid prayer.


Afterward, we took pictures with our friends.

Happy Eid!










Eid Mubarak!










After brunch, we headed to our mughamarat (translates to "adventures" and refers to the period in which villagers receive direct language instruction), where some of the credit villagers learned "Tareeq il-Hareer" ("Silk Road"), our version of "Country Roads" by John Denver.


Then we enjoyed some time at the beach! Check out some pictures and videos of our time on our Instagram account!

More photos