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A Day in the Life: Five Arab YouTubers on Living Under Quarantine

Published: April 5, 2020

​Quarantine-related vlogs by Arab YouTubers!

Seven Ways to Show Gratitude this New Year

Published: January 1, 2020

​About ways to show gratitude in the Arab world!

Ten Ted Talks by Arabs and Arab-Americans to Inform and Inspire

Published: November 11, 2019

​a summary with links of ten impressive Ted Talks!

Some Egyptian Arabic Phrases to Suit Your Toughest Emotional Needs

Published: October 11, 2019

​about some fun phrases from the Egyptian dialect of Arabic!

Seven Things From Al-Wāḥa That I’ll Take to All My Teaching Gigs

Published: October 5, 2019

​about the lessons I took away from teaching at Al-Wāḥa!