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qahwa, dessert, and discussion at Sjolunden!

Published: August 18, 2017

the beginning of a lovely evening at Sjolunded

An exchange with Sjolunden and much more!

a poppin' day, a boppin' Mohammed and s'mores with shotti-motti

Published: August 16, 2017

finally, s'mores night!

Fun with the day campers, a new musalsal, prepping for the French exchange and s’mores by the beach!

a very lazy Sunday in August

Published: August 14, 2017

some of our villagers chilling on the soccer field

​A lazy Sunday in August!

a simulation of the Qatar Blockade!

Published: August 13, 2017

debriefing of the Qatar Blockade simulation outside the gym!

​A simulation of the Qatar Blockade during the evening program!!!

ping-pong, love polygons, and i-day preparation

Published: August 10, 2017

Today’s flag of the day: Bahrain! For breakfast, we had tasty foul mudammas (crushed fava beans with olive oil, lemons and tomatoes), eggs, yogurt and bananas! Afterward, some of us headed to the cabins to clean up, while others cleaned up the dining hall and sitting room beneath, which we call al-Quds and al-Qahira, respectively, or the naadi (gym). Then, it was time for the mughamarat (our classes, which we like to call “adventures”). Today’s mughamarat...

war of the ancient civilizations!

Published: August 9, 2017

tug-of-war: sumerians vs. babylonians

Ancient civilizations, soccer, candle-making, and a new musalsal!

an August opening day!

Published: August 8, 2017

singing by the campfire!

Ahlan wa sahlan, habaybi! Today was a super exciting day, as we had many incoming villagers! They began arriving, for the most part, at 2 PM. Our new villagers passed through several stations, including registration, the nurse (for health forms and lice checks!), customs (where their contraband was confiscated), the activity-choosing station (calligraphy, candle-making or Model UN) and a name-tag making station! The only difference between this opening day and the last one was that...

fun for breakfast and Chinese for dinner!

Published: August 5, 2017

squad goals

Chinese restaurant night, dancing, reflection and goodbyes!

learning about Arab minorities, fun with the shaami dialect, and an engagement

Published: August 2, 2017

a massage train while waiting for the musalsal to start

Arab minorities night!

up all night at bazaar il-hussain

Published: August 1, 2017

at the bazaar

The art of small talk and staying up with the Egyptians!

a not-so-lazy Sunday

Published: July 31, 2017

the blindfolded maze game

Pool noodle horses, review with pictionary, and the blindfolded maze race!

goodbyes, and a discussion of water scarcity in the Middle East

Published: July 30, 2017

singing the good night song at the closing ceremony

The one week program comes to a close, a new chapter begins in the thief’s life, and we learn about water scarcity in the Middle East!

Sword fights, Italian nights, and Dancing Under the Disco Lights!

Published: July 29, 2017

dancing the night away!

​The end of our first musalsal, fine dining, and raqs (dancing)!

tareeq al-hareer: the Silk Road

Published: July 28, 2017

an experienced trader at work

Traveling along the Silk Road!

Games, dialects, and good food!

Published: July 27, 2017

a credit class in "Cairo"

A discussion of dialects, descriptions of food, and a lot of games!