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العرس The Arab Wedding

Published: July 29, 2009

Last night's evening program was a lot of fun for the whole village! We put on an Arab wedding and married two of our counselors. The villagers dressed up, the counselors wore traditional clothing, and everyone looked their best for the party of the session.

Following the steps of a traditional wedding, the boys began the evening with the groom while the girls danced with the bride and her family. The boys then processed into the girls' room carrying the groom-to-be and chanting, while the girls sang and cheered on the bride. The groom and his family performed a sword dance, to the delight of the crowd. The groom's family had to give special jewelry to the bride as part of the wedding. The bride's family inspected the quality of the necklaces and bracelets and, pronouncing them fine, approved of the match. The bride and groom had their first dance before inviting everyone to join the celebration. The girls tied sashes around their waists for belly dancing and the boys led the dabke dance, and we all enjoyed sesame cookies and grape juice. While most Arab weddings would stretch into the early hours of the morning, we had to sing good night and return to our cabins for lights out.