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talent show night!

Published: August 16, 2018

Assalamu alaikum, and welcome back to our blog!!!

Today, there were several interesting things that happened:

I finally got a close-up of a frog!










Here are two of the villagers who caught the frog










and here's the house they built for it!










Also, I stopped by the kitchen, where this girl was making kufta!










OMG, they've multiplied!










In the gym, I found a person whose face matched his bitaqa!










The villagers in his mughamara tried and failed to take a normal photo!










Later that day, also in the nadi, there was an epic floor hockey match!










Upstairs, simultaneously, some villagers were making roses out of clay!










Soon after, we watched the musalsal, an Al-Wāḥa-fied version of Gossip Girl!










After dinner, we had a talent show! You can watch it here:


And that was it for the day! Thank you for stopping by!

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