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seven things I liked about this Ramadan 2019

Published: May 31, 2019

This year, Ramadan began on Monday, May 6th, and now there’s less than a week left before we celebrate Eid Al-Fitr (a holiday that translates to “the celebration of breaking the fast”). Before the month is over, I wanted to share some of my favorite things about this Ramadan!

  1. the community

Ramadan can be difficult in the United States. While as a Muslim you have been transported into a holy month, you are a minority, and so it can feel somewhat like you are at a standstill while everyone else is living life as usual. Thankfully, surrounding yourself with family, friends, and the community at the mosque helps to encourage you to make the best of the month!

our own beautiful Al-Wāḥa community!










  1. the fruits

If you’ve talked to your friends about Ramadan, you know that dates are an important part of the month. Many Muslims break their fast with dates and a glass of water or milk. But did you know that all fruits are fantastic for Ramadan? I’ve noticed that eating a juicy orange or a few slices of watermelon during suhoor (a meal at around 3 AM before we begin fasting) helps keep me hydrated. Not to mention that fruits are nature’s dessert!

some of my favorite fruits or fawakeh!














  1. the social media

Social media can also help you feel closer to your community during Ramadan. From hearing stories of other people’s fasting struggles to learning more about Islam to finding links for causes to donate to, social media, in moderation, has been something I’ve enjoyed this Ramadan. By the way, check out our Twitter and Instagram!

  1. the iftars at the mosque

Iftar is a word that translates to “breakfast.” However, in this case we are breaking a long fast in the evening just as the sun sets. Iftars at my local mosque are a treat as each weekend a different nationality takes over and brings food from their country to share with the rest of the community. If there’s anything better than chatting with your friends at the mosque, it’s chatting AND eating with your friends at the mosque.

delicious food from one of our restaurant nights!










  1. the spring

Ramadan doesn’t occur on a set date each year but shifts backward 10 days each year according to the lunar calendar. I tend to feel a sense of peace during Ramadan anyway, but this year, I additionally got to experience the turning of the weather from cool winds to warm breezes, to see the flowering of the trees, and to hear the song of the birds everywhere I go.

it finally feels like spring!














  1. the books

During Ramadan, I like to fill my day with low-energy activities that do not involve sleeping. This year, I decided to read more books. In my quest to read more books, I began to watch less TV, as I found myself enjoying making the stories that I read come to life in my head. Reading more books also meant that I was going to the library more often, and libraries have always felt like second homes to me.

  1. the Ramadan vlogs

Quite a few Muslim YouTubers have been vlogging daily about their Ramadan experiences. One of my favorite vloggers to watch is Dina Tokio, who is a half-Egyptian, half-British YouTuber residing in Cardiff, Wales. Watching her take care of her children and manage her business all while fasting and practicing self-care has been inspiring me this Ramadan. I also appreciate seeing all the delicious food they’re having for iftar each day, because it makes me look forward to my own upcoming meal!


I hope you enjoyed reading this latest blog post! We are extremely excited to see you all at Al-Wāḥa this July! If you haven’t registered to come yet, there’s still time! You can check out our dates here and our scholarship information here! See you soon!