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scavenger hunt night!

Published: August 15, 2018

Marhaba, everyone!

We started the day's activities off with a mughamara! One of the groups baked cookies!

and they were delicious!










Another group learned the names of the months in Arabic!

there are actually three different sets of names for the months in Arabic!










At this point in time, the credit villagers were also hard at work finishing up their final projects!

working on a panel of illustrations for the song "Kehlete Laayoune"!










making baklava!













In the arts and sports period, some villagers continued working on their embroidered bags.

a fox!










a work-in-progress!










a fully-completed bag!













Others worked on their calligraphy!

building family trees!










Meanwhile, down at the beach, some villagers were digging a hole to make a home for some frogs!

a detailed process...










In the new musalsal, the villagers reenacted a version of The Wizard of Oz where none of the characters get exactly what they want.

a makeshift tornado...










For the evening program, the credit villagers continued working on their projects, while the two-week villagers went on a scavenger hunt!

answering the treasure hunt questions...










looking for something weird...










found it!













reviewing the pictures of found things taken during the treasure hunt...










We concluded the night by singing a new version of an old song and thanking each other!


And that was it for the night! Thank you for stopping by!

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