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Restaurant and Camel Night

Published: August 17, 2016

Yesterday was a busy day at Al-Wāḥa. We had a few special events in the past couple days. The first activity was restaurant night. We made sure the dinning hall looked its best with decorative glasses and classic red table cloths. We also had the staff act as waiters and waitresses for the villagers. After the delicious food we got to do one of my favorite night programs, the camel counselors. Villagers were organized into groups and charged with leading a counselor-camel across the desert. The night began with the camel auction villages bid on which counselor would act as their camel. However, each camel had a stipulation. Some camels we’re afraid of trees, others needed gold, some needed to be rolled, and some camels would not move around other camels. Every camel had one thing in common however, they were allergic to English. If any of the villagers spoke English the camels would act wildly and unpredictably. Some ran in random directions and others dumped out their water, forcing their villagers to start from the beginning. The teams had to deal with a number of obstacles along the path. The water had to be moved by skateboard, through a hula hoop and over a parachute. In terms of Arabic spoken, it was one of our most successful days.

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